Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plague inc

plague inc is a fun and deadly game were you kill all of humanity or enslave them.

first you have to choose your difficulty.

then you choose your disease.

then you modify your genetic code.

and now you play the game! First you get transmission how your plague gets around. I would advise extreme biaerosol.

symptoms how you kill them/infect  I go for the center most symptoms things like total organ failure and coma.

 and abilities all plague types have a different abilities like bacterias ability is bacterial resilience makes the plague more immune to medicines, hot, and cold or virus ability Viral Instability witch makes it more often to mutate symptoms witch is a bad and a good. good in that you can get symptoms with out buying them so you can get transmissions. the bad part is that you can kill your self off!

plague inc is a complex game with a lot of things you need to balance like if you kill 1,000,000 people a day and you infected 50,000 people a day you kill your self off and then it is game over for you

the first is the neurax worm were you are the worm that lives in the human brain and you can enslave humanity!Or kill them.

the neurax worm is different for a lot of reasons one is that you have all different symptoms, transmission and abilities. for the abilities you have an ability that makes you move a lot of your worms to a new locations.

for the transmission you have new transmission things like eggs, genetic swap witch makes it mutate
symptoms more often, and  concertina locomotion the host moves faster.

for symptoms you have all new ones things like OCD were the hosts collect worms, and hallucination.

the last plague is necro virus or the zombie virus!

a zombie virus that is a lot like the neurax worm you have all new symptoms, transmission and abilities
for the abilities you have the same hot and cold but the new things are, you have two new powers one is that you can send hordes of zombies out to kill off country so if you sent your horde to greenland and you infect them(no more greenland problems)! and reanimate off a lot of your zombies die in a country then you can reanimate them (i think it is one million of them at a time). the BIG problem is humans can find the cure and you wont louse(but it will be a lot harder to win) so the real problem is Z-COM(not my name for it they named it!)Z-COM is a group that sets up a base and KILLS all of your zombies(the only way i found to kill Z-COM is sen a lot for hordes at them like 6-12 hordes i mean it they are bad!)as the days go on Z-COM gets a new base and then another and more and more bases until you kill your self off and you die!

(there is no google/bing photos for this virus sorry but now you can try to find them for your self sorry)

 so for the symptoms you have the red ones helps the infectivity and the black helps/turns them into zombies that have things like rats 2 or peptide surge i think it makes your zombies faster.

and the transmission you have saliva witch make you infect faster then you have blood same as the blood in the bacteria 

and that is about it for plague inc I hope it was informative and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the walls.

The Walls is a PvP map for minecraft. The map is a large square arena with huge walls separating  the map into four sections. Forty players are divided into four teams of ten and put into each quadrant of the map. The teams gather resources and build weapons and armor. After fifteen minutes the walls vanish. to win your team have to defeat the other each section there are different layouts, team one has a pit in the middle were you can get resources (I am in team one). team two has a huge mountain and  a lot of mooshrooms. team three is in a jungle with a Massive tree and team four is in a snow and ice world with a lot of Snow Golems. And that is it for the walls this server is a lot of fun.I hope you enjoy the video.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Defenses and Upgrades

In Starcraft 2 there are three different types upgrades for all of the races. First there are abilities you can research, like the psionic storm for the High Templar; second there are specific unit stat upgrades, like pathogen glands that gives the Infestor 25 more energy; and third, there are general stat upgrades that affect multiple units, like mech weapons an upgrade that gives all mech units increased damage.

 For the defense Zerg have spore crawlers (an anti air cannon that has a detector ability to see cloaked and burrowed units) and the spine crawler and anti ground building. Terran has a missile turret same as the spore crawlers and a bunker that can hold units two marauder, 4 marines, or two reapers in it. Protoss has one building the photon cannon a spore crawlers and a spine crawler combined (all of the defenses needs a building to be able to build them) and that is it on the tutorials I hope this is useful for your game play.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Minecraft Survival Island #2 mob grinder

In the last  Survival Island video I found a cave, built a house and put up torches around the island. In this video I explored the cave there is 5 iron, 16 coal and a ton of gravel (not that good of a cave) no caves, caverns, or mineshaft's. So plan on making a mob grinder  to get string and make a fishing rod and a bed. For some reason trees aren't growing for like three days in the real world I hope to find the the treasure of the Lost curator. 

Sorry there will not be a Starcraft 2 video the mouse was glitchy and the servers had massive lag so I will be doing a tekkit post instead. Please put in the comments any suggestions of Christmas videos I can do if team fortress 2 is your suggestion I can't there is so much lag I cant play. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Minecraft Survival Island #1 Lets Get Started

I found a ppgamer article called the best 25 minecraft maps and the second one was called survival island It looked fun so I downloaded the map.
The island is a small, only 34 blocks in width and 48 blocks in length.
The objective are: build a 2 story house with 20+ windows in it, Build 10 bookshelves, create an automated cactus farm, create an underground tree farm, create an above ground mob/animal trap, build a water trap around the skeleton spawner, build a cart system, make something with redstone, gather 10 unused diamonds, Find the treasure of the Lost curator. And the rules are, Don’t leave the island. The difficulty should be normal, Have fun. I plan on playing survival island until I finish all of the objectives (I will update the my skin to be a little more fitting of a desert island in a bit). I hope my house looks better then this:
when I get more saplings I will make this out of nice wood and wooden planks. I also found a cave and can't wait to explore it. I hope to find the treasure of the Lost curator in it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ladder game with zerg

    I had a strategy for Terran where you Banshee rush but you don't get the second Starport or the Tech Lab on the Barracks. You get two Banshees and cloaking out of the one Starport and then you attack the workers or harass. The strategy was weak against Terran but good against Zerg and Protoss. Then I found out that the Mothership Core had detection;  I had to think up a new strategy. I found Infestor-Roach rush/ambush to be an excellent replacement.
    The plan is to get Infestors as fast as you can while you build a Lair and about 25 Roaches. Once the Lair is built research Tunneling Claws, Burrow, and Metabolic Boost (the last one is optional). while those are being researched build an Infestation Pit and  three or four Infestors, as well as many Zerglings as you can get. Then burrow the Infestors and Roaches and move them to the main base while attacking the ramp with Zerglings.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow Making Machine

To make the snow machine you need: glass, block breakers, snow blocks, pumpkins, Redstone torches, automatic crafting tables, an energy condenser, pneumatic tubes, gold pipes, cobblestone pipes, iron pipes, wooden pipes, redstone engines, chests, and red alloy wire or red pneumatic tubes (the pneumatic tubes are glitchier). You start by making a strip of block breakers (I used 10 block breakers). Next you put glass around the block breakers two high. After that build snow golems inside the glass enclosure. Then dig under the glass and put down the pneumatic tubes and red alloy wire. Next put down the chests and the automatic crafting tables (make sure that the chest in next to the  automatic crafting tables) the chests were not included in the video. Finally put down the pipes and place the energy condenser. Hope you enjoy the video

Chest and Auto Crafting Table example.